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Express translation: affordable and to a high standard

If you are tired of looking for good translators
If you understand the importance of the documents that need to be translated
If you know that high quality cannot be cheap and are ready to pay accordingly
If you are sure that the only free cheese is in the mousetrap, contact our office and you will not regret your choice.

NB! Our employees are always there to offer advice and assistances so that you could avoid taking wrong actions and would not waste time and money on translating your documents again. We will explain to you how to certify a document quickly, tell you about legalisation and notarisation depending on the purpose and country of destination and let you know if you need an Apostille or legalisation at the consulate.

Important information: We strongly recommend our clients to find out all the requirements for documents well in advance. The most reliable source of information is the body or institution to which you submit your documents!

Our main priority is to make sure that we offer you the most favourable terms of cooperation. That is why we care not only about the quality of the translated text but also about the convenience of delivery of the results to our clients.

Main services: Express translation — Notarisation — Apostille

Translation of legal texts: incorporation documents, contract documentation, accounting documents, licenses, certificates, articles of association, business plans, financial texts, court decisions, etc.
Translation of technical texts: operation instructions, user manuals, specifications, term papers, graduation theses.
Translation of medical texts: medical and pharmaceutical literature, medical certificates, package inserts, documents issued my medical institutions, health certificates.
Translation of literary texts: fiction, newspaper and magazine articles, advertising materials, press releases.
Translation of school and university certificates, diplomas, statements of results, diploma supplements, etc.
Translation of passports and birth, marriage, death and change of name certificates
Translation of driving licences
Translation of employment record books
Translation of permissions to take a child abroad
Translation of all kinds of websites
Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
Notarised translations: quick, reliable and to a high standard. Your presence at the notary’s office is not required. To order a notarised translation please bring the original documents to our law office. Translation and notarisation take up to three working days.

NB! A notarised translation should be impeccable both in terms of language use and the required formalities! Please remember that the slightest inaccuracy may result in your documents being rejected and your transaction may be halted at the most inappropriate moment. That is why it is crucial that notarised translation be made by a highly qualified translator.

Notarisation (notarial certification) gives legal force to the translation of a document.

After notarisation, the translation of a document obtains an official status. The notarised translation is attached either to the original document or to its copy.

If the notary speaks the corresponding languages, the translation can be done by a translator the authenticity of whose signature the notary certifies.

The cost of the certification of a translator’s signature is set according to the pricelist of the notary’s office.

Important information: Remember that your document should be translated and taken for notarisation by employees of the same office. Otherwise, you will face numerous setbacks involving the identification of the translator and verification of his or her qualifications as well as various other problems and arguments leading to loss of time.

Ordering a notarised translation at our office you will be spared all that discomfort and inconvenience. Choosing us, you can rest assured that your documents will be handled by professionals and masters of their trade and that notarised translation will be made to the highest standard!

Apostille: quick, reliable and to a high standard. Your presence at the notary’s office is not required.

To obtain an Apostille, you need to bring the original documents or their notarised copies to our law office.
Certification with Apostille takes from thirty minutes up to an hour.

NB! Apostille is a means to facilitate and speed up the conduct of business and was introduced by the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961. The point is that, if a document issued in one of the countries participating in the convention, is certified with an Apostille, no additional legalisation of the document for its use in another country participating in the convention is not required. This is an important advantage of the Apostille over consular certification. The other plus is that certification is performed within one jurisdiction and the certification chain is smaller, so those acting internationally save money, effort and, most importantly, time. Apostille is always attached in the country whose authorities have issued the document. Under the convention, Apostille is only put on official documents, i.e. documents signed by state officials, notarial instruments, etc. Apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature of a state official or a notary. Apostille lends maximum credence to the document. It is the ultimate form of legalisation. A document with Apostille will be accepted by a foreign jurisdiction as a document bearing the authentic signature and the imprint of the authentic seal. The status of the person who signed the document certified with Apostille is legally validated. The cost of Apostille is set according to the pricelist of the notary’s office.

Important information: The Republic of Estonia has signed agreements of mutual legal assistance in civil matters thus revoking the legalisation procedure with the following countries:

Russian Federation (26.01.1993)
Ukraine (15.02.1995)
Latvia (11.11.1992)
Lithuania (11.11.1992)
Poland (11.11.1998)

Consular legalisation: quick, reliable and to a high standard. Your presence at the consulate is not required.

To legalise your notarised documents, you need to bring the originals or their notarised copies to our law office.
In certain cases, a power of attorney for submission of your documents to the consulate is required.
The legalisation procedure takes anywhere from seven to fourteen working days.

If you need to legalise documents that will be used in a country which is not a member of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, consular legalisation is required. Consular legalisation is a procedure which certifies that the documents comply with the legislation of the country in which they were issued. It consists of several stages: translation, notarisation. It is certified that the signature of the official on the document is a true one; the status of the official and the authenticity of the signature are verified. The cost of legalisation is set according to the pricelist of the consulate.


Ordering more than 4 documents, you get a 10% discount on the translation (in certain cases the discount can be higher)

– To become our client (to get a loyalty card) you should use our services at least once. Our loyal clients enjoy flexible pricing options.

Competitive advantages of our office.

– Legal support for clients and the documents provided by them
– Fast, effective and competent translation of your documents is available in the following languages: ENGLISH ~ GERMAN ~ SPANISH ~ RUSSIAN ~ LATVIAN ~ LITHUANIAN ~ POLISH ~ UKRAINIAN ~ FINNISH ~ ESTONIAN
– Affordable prices for our translation services. Our price formation is based on precise cost assessment depending on the labour input required to do a translation. You will not have to overpay!
– Express professional translation within the minimum time frame ranging from one to three days (we always keep to the timescale agreed). We never promise anything that we cannot deliver and make every effort to make a translation as quickly as possible and to the highest possible standard.
– You will definitely get your translation on time because we use not only our in-house translators but also trusted freelancers. Such close interaction allows us to deliver translations within the shortest possible time.
– Translations are made by excellent linguists who are well-versed in the given subject area. We specialise in the translation of legal, technical and medical texts.
– We pursue quality in every single translation job. Quality is at the heart of our work: yesterday, today and tomorrow!
– Individual approach to the needs of every client no matter what assignment he has for us: be it a challenging document, a website or any other text. We will organise our work in a way to make sure that the result meets your expectations.
– Our office is located within a walking distance from the public transport stop and there is free parking.
– We take into account all your requirements and wishes, so the translation made at our office is in line with our clients’ corporate goals or personal objectives.
– Transparency and openness in respect of all our partners and clients.
– Our policy of confidentiality and information security means that after the translation services have been provided we return to the client or destroy at the latter’s request all the copies made from the original as well as all the drafts and the translation itself both on paper and in electronic form. The original is always returned to the client. When working with a large number of documents we make a list, in duplicate, of the documents given to us (one list is kept at the office and the other is issued to the client).
– You can place an order and receive the completed translation without leaving your home or office. This can be done either via the Internet or by using a courier service.
– The full range of translation services, translation of texts in various subject areas and in various language combinations, translation by native speakers of target languages, professional layout, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, certification with Apostille, consular legalisation, notarisation.

NB! If you want to get a customised quote for LONG-TERM SUPPORT for a private individual or a legal entity, please contact us and we will make you a VIP-offer in accordance with your wishes.