Construction disputes

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The construction industry is very sensitive to fluctuations of the economy

The construction industry is very sensitive to fluctuations of the economy. It booms in times of economic growth and comes to a halt amidst a recession. Economic downturns see the number of cases involving construction contracts rise dramatically. Because construction disputes are notoriously complex and require specific legal knowledge and litigation experience, both plaintiffs and defendants will definitely benefit from the assistance of a knowledgeable expert well-versed in such kind of proceedings. Our lawyers will help you defend your case in court if the obligations under a construction contract were not fulfilled or were fulfilled improperly, if the time limits for performance of the works were not complied with, etc. Our experts will also support you in the situation when your business partners who have assumed the obligation to perform some works under a construction contract refuse to fulfil the contract and insist on its termination.

You can also find yourself in the reverse situation. The work is done but the other party does not want to pay for it? Our lawyers will help you enforce the debt under the main contract and the subcontract, claim the value of the works performed on the basis of the acceptance report including those accepted unilaterally, etc. Our experts will provide oral and written advice and conduct negotiations with the other party to settle the matter amicably, if possible.

In the event of litigation, our lawyer will prepare all the necessary documents: the statement of claim, the response to the statement of claim, a complaint, an application, a petition and any other procedural documents required, including a petition for securing the action. Our experts will also assist you in collecting additional evidence using any means within the bounds of the law.

Our lawyer will help you choose the correct legal position in the dispute to be adjudicated, advise you on the best way to behave in court, take direct part in the court sessions and, if necessary, make sure that the court decision is enforced by enforcement officers.