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Subscription-based support for legal entities

One of the key focuses of our law office is the provision of subscription-based support for legal persons which consists in offering comprehensive legal assistance in all issues arising in the course of business operations.

A considerable portion of our clientele are legal entities and supporting them for us means that we should have available a long list of services that are in high demand. Our specialists will offer you competent legal advice on various issues: registration and re-registration of a business, legal support for transactions, acting for clients in courts of different instances, debt enforcement as well as help with many other matters relating to economic activities. Work in the present-day market environment is quite difficult and may expose you to many unpleasant situations which you will not be able to fix without the corresponding professional training. Economic activities often involve the need to enforce debts and resolve other kinds of disputes that are examined in court. In such a case, the only thing that will help you identify the problem, prevent undesirable developments and find the best solution is the help of a lawyer. Lawyers in our law office have extensive experience in helping legal entities of any property form. They will knowledgeably prepare a claim, give competent legal support for transactions and ensure compliance with all legal requirements, taken on debt enforcement assignments and act for the client in courts of general jurisdiction.

Subscription-based legal support is convenient and beneficial because:
we can answer any of your questions on-line
we visit clients in urgent situations on the terms agreed in the contract
you will have priority access to legal advice
we guarantee you full confidentiality and bear full responsibility for our actions.

Subscription-based legal support includes the full range of legal services for your business:
oral and written consultations using means of communication or by visiting the client
help with preparation and maintenance of the company’s documents (internal documents, contracts, agreements, powers of attorney, etc.)
work with debtors
information about amendments to the legislation in force
resolution of corporate issues
representation in courts and public authorities
review of legal documents, request and receipt of required documents on your behalf
legal support for pre-contractual activities including participation of our lawyers in negotiations
drawing up of various legal documents (preparation of claims, counterclaims, petitions, procedural and other appeals, amicable agreements, complaints and responses to complaints, agreements, contracts, supplementary agreements)
checking of proper execution of completed transactions
performance of other assignments at your request and in your interests.

Professionalism and experience of our legal advisors will make you feel shielded from any legal problems.
We will give you the sense of security.