Law Office » Price list for Translation services

Translation of 1 page (1800 characters with spaces) of a text

from 20 EUR

the cost of the translation depends on the target and source language
the size of the translated text
the subject matter and difficulty of the translated text
the urgency and other wishes of the client
additional services (delivery by a courier or sending by post)
the existence of a signed contract (a loyalty card)

Standard documents of up to 900 characters with spaces

from 45 eur

birth, marriage, divorce, death and change of name certificates
marital status certificate
certificate of employment (statement of earnings)
permission to take a child abroad
medical certificate
police clearance certificate
place of residence certificate
diploma without the diploma supplement
statements of results appended to diplomas and leaving certificates
passport, identity card, driving licence
any other document of up to 900 characters with spaces.

Non-standard documents of up to 1800 characters with spaces

from 55 eur

certificates with additional seals
medical assessment reports (clinical records)
extracts from the Commercial Register (B-card)
articles of association
formation documents
accounting reports
general powers of attorney
any other texts of up to 1800 characters with spaces.

All the services provided by our law office will suit your pocket and this is another advantage of working with us. Currently, our rates are considerably lower than the average prices asked by other companies offering translation services. Ordering a large number of texts, our clients get substantial discounts!

One of the benefits of our approach is that we calculate the cost of the translation job based on the original and not on the translated text. It is beneficial for clients because they have to pay less.
You can judge for yourself. For instance, you order a translation of a Russian text 7 pages long (1 standard page is 1800 characters with spaces) into English. The English text will already be around 8 pages of 1800 characters with spaces! I.e. the volume of the target text will be one page longer. It has been proven that a translation is always longer than the original. If the cost is calculated on the basis of the source text, you pay for 7 pages. If the cost is calculated on the basis of the target text, you pay for 8 pages!

Important information: We strive to save your time, so all the procedures relating to certification and consular legalisation of the translation are carried out without your immediate involvement. Having placed your order, you will receive your documents at our office without the need to visit other organisations and waste your valuable time waiting in queues and looking for a parking slot in the city centre (and then pay for parking or pay fines for committing a parking offence). The standard period for making an express translation of one small document (of less than 1800 characters long) and getting it certified by a sworn translator is one to three working days after placing the order.

Payment for translation services

*** 20% VAT is added to the price
*** In each individual case the price can higher or lower depending on the specific volume of work by agreement with the client.

– New clients will have to make a 100% prepayment.
– VIP clients do not have to make a prepayment (they pay for the services in accordance with the contract)

Important: If you need a quality translation and certification in Estonia, please contact our office. In this case you can be sure that everything will be done in full compliance with the legal requirements for documents and the certified translation will have legal force!