Main services

Stabimer Õigusbüroo OÜ
Registrikood: 11811374
KMKR: EE101376455

We are convinced that the prosperity of any law office directly depends on its contribution to the prosperity of its clients. That is why we are constantly trying to extend the list of our services and enhance their quality.

Comprehensive services for legal entities and private individuals
We prepare various legal documents:
– agreements, contracts, supplementary agreements
– complaints and responses to complaints
– claims, counterclaims, petitions, amicable agreements, etc.

Legal advice on commercial issues that arise in the course of business activities of an organisation. All-inclusive legal assistance (accounting, contracts, negotiations, debt enforcement, etc.)
Legal advice on civil matters (family disputes, divorce, division of property, alimony, housing disputes, etc.)
Legal advice on criminal matters
Legal advice on issues concerning employment law (drafting employment contracts, statements, debt enforcement, etc.)
Review of legal documents to see if they comply with the legislation and serve the interests of the client
Elaboration of legal position and action options in different situations in accordance with the interests of the client (assistance in matters concerning road traffic accidents, disputes with insurance companies, damages, etc.)
Legal support for transactions with movable and immovable property including construction
Representation of the client’s interests in courts and administrative bodies
Representation of the client’s interests in negotiations with counterparties
Help in creating companies of any type
Accounting services (advice, preparation of reports, statistics, annual balance, etc.)
Insolvency proceedings
Collection services
Obtainment of licenses and operation permits
Arrangement of notarised transactions
Translation/interpreting: Russian, English, Estonian, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Finnish
Visits to the client for prompt provision of legal assistance