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Expert accounting is the cornerstone of the stable development of your business.

– People turn to us because we are confident in our expertise and can guarantee the high quality of our services, a personalised approach to each client and full financial accountability.
– We value the trust placed in us by our business partners and make every effort to meet their needs and requirements.
– We are ready to offer you the most favourable terms of cooperation at a reasonable price.

The clients who use our accounting services also have the opportunity to enjoy a whole range of additional bonuses free of charge:

verbal legal advice on various matters;
registered office address service;
secretarial services (sorting your mail, sending you notifications, scanning and emailing you the incoming correspondence, etc.);
translation of correspondence from Estonian into Russian and vice versa;
submission of applications to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board to obtain a VAT identification number;
submission of applications to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board to obtain an EORI code;
a range of information services helping you to obtain a licence or operation permit (cargo transportation, trading, wholesaling, advertising, etc.);
the compete range of services involving the preparation and drafting of employment contracts (recruitment and dismissal in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, etc.).

We sincerely hope that our office will become a reliable and trusted partner for your business.We will be happy to welcome you as our client.

Normal functioning and development of any business depends to a large extent on bookkeeping and its costs.

Having accountants on the payroll may be a real drain on your financial resources. You will have to

– find an in-house accountant (lucky you, if you’ve managed to do that quickly and now you have a good specialist working for you)
– equip the workplace appropriately (provide furniture, equipment, computer hardware, licensed software and maintenance)
– pay a fixed salary regardless of the amount of work done
– look for a replacement when the accountant goes on holiday, takes a sick leave during a critical period for the company or is dismissed
– bear the costs of the mistakes made by the in-house accountant that lead to various penalties and fines
– arrange further training for your in-house accountant, pay for corresponding courses and specialised literature
– pay for office supplies

We will help you avoid unnecessary expenses!

Our law office is looking for long-term cooperation based on trust, close interaction and individual approach to every client.

Our employees are qualified accountants with a wealth of experience and lawyers who are able to solve all your problems.

Our law office provides accounting services on a contractual basis taking into account all changes in the law of the country.

The contract for accounting services is drawn up in accordance with the client’s wishes and in compliance with the provisions of the accounting legislation under which our accounting experts are fully liable for the results of their work. The contract lays down all the material terms and conditions for interaction between the parties.

Guarantees and advantages of our accounting services

We guarantee you non-disclosure of the information, that becomes known to us in the course of service provision. This point is clearly stated in the contract for accounting services. We also keep confidential the names of the companies that use our services and of the clients with whom we cooperate or used to cooperate. Confidentiality is also maintained after the expiry of the contract. For the majority of our clients, our confidentiality policy seems to be the key factor in deciding to work with us. Hopefully, you will appreciate this as well.

We guarantee you competent assistance provided on time and to a high standard in tackling non-standard situations arising in the course of your company’s operation.

Having entered into a contract for accounting services with our law office, you will save yourself the headache of keeping accounts. The availability of a serious legal service in our law office allows you to promptly solve legal issues relating to accounting and taxation.

+ a team of qualified professional accountants who use state-of-the-art technology to provide accounting support (we have all necessary software)
+ our knowledge of the practical aspects of accounting combined with constant monitoring of changing legal framework guarantee correct keeping of accounts. This manifests itself in reduced accounting expenses, protection against penalties imposed by the taxation authorities and, ultimately, in the increased efficiency of your business!
+ we constantly strive to enhance the professionalism of our specialists
+ individual approach to every client (we focus on building long-term relationships with clients)
+ tangible savings on the workplace and the payroll, which is essential for both small or medium-sized business
+ we are 100% financially liable for the work performed by our employees (we consciously take full responsibility and spare you the trouble of having to pay penalties and fines that may be imposed through our fault)
+ the accounting services are provided on a continuous basis (we do not get ill or go on holiday)
+ our experts are available around the clock (if necessary, we visit the client to promptly provide the assistance required)
+ representation of your interests in dealings with the tax authorities (if necessary, we go and provide clarifications about the reports submitted and take part in tax audits)
+ our experts also offer you competent legal advice on bookkeeping and tax accounting
+ we guarantee confidentiality even after the termination of the contract for services
+ you can focus on your business and not get distracted by dealing with matters concerning accounting and taxation
+ our services ALWAYS cost less than tan in-house accountant (you do not overpay but make payments in accordance with the contract which can be reviewed to match your current document flow)

Pricing policy

Very often it is impossible to place a fixed price on accounting services so that their cost would be the same for all companies. The price of bookkeeping depends on many factors that are discussed with each client face to face.
Together with our expert you will agree on the best way to cooperate. These are not empty words. Our clients do know that working closely with us they get professional service at an attractive price.

We always take into account the individuality of our clients and the specific features of their business. The price for our services includes all that is necessary for successful operation of your company and yet you do not overpay.

In any case, the cost of our services will ALWAYS be less than the cost of an in-house accountant, and the quality will be higher.

Special offer!

Accounting support for apartment associations, companies and sole proprietorships at a reasonable price.
All our new clients get good discounts.
We offer supporting legal services for free to clients who have signed up for our accounting assistance.

We will be glad to see you at our office for a more detailed discussion of the accounting support for your business!
Call us! We are always happy to give answers to all your questions.