Welcome to Stabimer Õigusbüroo OÜ website

We hope that you will appreciate the content and user-friendliness of our website and be able to find here the information you need to defend your rights and interests.
It is customary to use the home page to tell the story of the creation of the company, enumerate its achievements and post an impressive list of clients. But because our clients’ assignments are mostly confidential, we have decided not to mention the people we work or used to work with, not do disclose our partners and not to boast about our victories in court. Confidentiality is our fundamental principle.

Our law office provides legal assistance to legal entities and private individuals in a wide range of matters.

Individual approach to every client, search for mutually beneficial cooperation terms and strict confidentiality enable us to offer a broad array of services.

We are actively looking for alternative ways to resolve disputes. In some cases, this approach secures the most effective and positive outcome for the parties.
We help our clients protect and restore their rights, prepare all the necessary documents and provide legal advice in such areas as:

- Civil law
- Property law
- Debt law
- Family law
- Succession law
- Commercial law
- Administrative law
- Criminal law

Our main strengths:

• We work across Estonia and abroad, if necessary
• Our lawyers are always ready to go to the client to provide prompt assistance
• The provision of advice is not subject to prepayment or time restrictions
• Competence in matters accepted for settlement
• Confidentiality and non-disclosure of legal secrets
• Professionalism in application of the law
• Constant updating of knowledge and further training
• Conscientious performance of tasks
• Responsible approach to the obligations assumed
• Goodwill and open-minded relationship with the client
• We do not take on a case if we do not have enough experience in the corresponding area of the law (not to harm the client)
• Our policy: do not give advice, solve the problem!
• We always put our clients’ interests first
• We value our clients regardless of the complexity and size of the assignment given
• We try to resolve conflicts out of court in the shortest possible space of time with minimum expenses
• We always look for a chance to gain profit or minimise loss for our clients

You can get detailed information about the terms of cooperation and book an appointment by phone:
(+372) 56 45 7008; (+372) 65 05 035

You can also make your request by e-mail : jurist@stabimer.ee  or Skype:  jurist005